How to standout …

Let’s get cracking on this New Year with some tips and hints to how you can catapult your chances in the job search.

Staring your resume sometimes feels like staring at an algebra exam but with these hints and tips, you’ll feel at ease, knowing you have sent who you are off to your next job rather than just another piece of paper in a pile of resumes! Thinking about the venue & company you’re applying to, the role you want to achieve and where you want your career to go is all part of the application process. No matter whether you’re looking for a specific role or seeing what your options are, the prospect of a new job search is daunting for the best of us.


Here are some tips to make this process easier for you, and make you stand out from the rest …

  • Tailor your resume

Don’t copy and paste your applications

While we all do it … try to find the time in your chaotic life and really consider the role, venue and how you can make your resume feel like the perfect fit so that interviewer doesn’t need to look any further. Whether this is your next step in a career, or a change of pace, what you say in your resume sets the tone for your application and whether you make it from paper to person.

It’s important to focus on any key words or specific areas of expertise that the job description or advertisement mentions. Draw on the key words and make sure you mention specific roles and use appropriate vocabulary.

  •  Stand out

Don’t be so black and white

Highlight what you have achieved, how you got involved in a creative process or helped increase revenue. Make yourself stand out from the crowd and draw your name to the top of the pile. Also know your numbers, whether it be cost of goods, staff costs or how much you have increased revenue by during your last role.

  • Dress to impress

Keep it up-to-date

It’s all about thinking about the content of your resume. What really needs to be in there and how much do they want. Volunteering in the 1990 election … is probably redundant. How you dress up your resume rests in what you think the position and venue you are applying for wants to see and needs to know you can achieve. Keeping your account clean and simple can show exactly what you’ve done throughout your career.

  • Know your venue and organisation

Find out where you are applying

Because we spend most of our time at work it’s important that we understand the culture and the environment of the work place. Have a look at their social media pages, websites and venues. Does it fit, is it a long-term prospect and can you imagine spending more time there than with your significant other. Make sure you include your personality! Interests and hobbies help show the interviewers what you’re like and this can help them determine whether you’re a cultural fit.

There’s a lot more to the job search than just sending off your resume to any position that you can stretch your skills to meet. Really consider the role you’re applying for, and if you’ve found that your current approach hasn’t snagged any awesome prospects… maybe its time to mix it up and consider revamping your CV. Have a look at our job’s tab to see whether your next move is right in front of you!

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